I Was Introduced to The Go-Giver (but didn’t do anything)

January 12, 2009

Picking up where I left off this story from the last post…

The first of the two gentleman I met with was Jerry Orzano.  Jerry had been introduced to me as “the best networker I’ve ever met,” by Mike Neubaurer.  As I looked through Jerry’s LinkedIn profile in preparation for our meeting I was excited that he’d agreed to meet with me at all.  His background is very strong and I thought that he would likely know someone who needed a business development person or outside sales rep.  Jerry was also the first person I could ever recall meeting for the sole purpose of networking.  I had no idea how to frame the conversation without sounding like I was on a job interview, but I jumped in and we met at a local St. Louis Bread Co.

As we met first time, I was completely unprepared but Jerry made up for it.  He had printed my LinkedIn profile and brought it with him.  (That goes to show you it is important to keep that puppy updated).  Jerry was also more than willing to help me help myself and taught me some of the most valuable lessons of my career search.  Shared with me his marketing plan, which is a document used to highlight your previous professional accomplishments and list several companies you are interested in learning more about for future employment.  It is a great way to spark conversation and keep the conversation focused on networking and learning information as opposed to getting bogged down in the many other traps.

During our conversation Jerry suggested I read two books. One, written by Frank Danzo, is People Hire People – Not Resumes
contains career search secrets and tips like the marketing plan and networking strategies that have proven to be effective.  The other book, The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann, I simply filed away in my mind a something to read once I’d gotten the job I sought.  After all, what did I really have to give at the time.  Certainly nothing I found valuable.

Jerry and I parted ways that day with a list of introductions to be made later but more importantly, Jerry had given me confidence and a plan.  He had shown me, in sharing his story and career search so candidly, that there is dignity and integrity in a career search, if I choose to undertake it properly.  He also showed me how to undertake this search properly.  Jerry Orzano not only was a great networker, he provided a great role-model for me in my search.  Thanks again Jerry.


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