So I Read The Go-Giver

January 13, 2009

Despite my crazed passion for this book now I did not run out and buy a copy.  In fact, it took my son asking to go the library to get me to even look for a copy.  I was focused on my career search.  Making sure I contacted as many people as I could to network my way towards a successful business development opportunity.  I had heard Jerry and John each explain their thoughts on The Go-Giver and how it affected them so I was putting thought into “paying it forward” as I would have called it at the time.
It certainly had been refreshing for guys with successful backgrounds like Jerry and John to take me seriously and give me so much of their time, attention and advice.  It kept coming to mind with each conversation I had with a new person.  I felt a commitment to follow through with the giving they had done for me.  I also began to feel that I couldn’t adequately give without really understanding the whole story.  As my 3 year old son was asking to go the library one cold December day I decided to look for The Go-Giver.  I found it at the local library, but not in the branch near our home.  However, I put it on hold and decided to wait.

Let me take a break here for a moment and explain why I am getting so bogged down in the minutia of getting a copy of the book and reading it.  It is a significant look into my mindset; my expectations of the book.  My expectations had been built up.  I knew this book was likely to change my life.  At the same time, I know that anything with high expectations is more likely to fall short of those expectations, so I became less excited just based on my expectations.  The other side to that is I usually go out and buy books.  I love them, I read them once and put them on the shelf to read again in a few years.  Many do get read again and many don’t.  In the past I have purchased books with high expectations and when I am let down after the first 50 pages or so they go to the shelf and never return.  It’s like they have jilted me somehow; they cheated by not living up to expectations.  Books from the library have no expectations.  They are there for a time and then returned.  The intellectual equivalent of a rental car, or a blind date.  You almost expect them to be bad so anything good coming from them is that much better.  So the long diatribe about how I got the book has emotional / psychological implications for me.

After getting a call in about a week that the book was waiting for me I immediately pick it up and read it for the first time within 24 hours.  I will never think about business or life the same. It is a quick read but the most profound business material I have ever encountered.  The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success become burned into my mind.  They have become a part of my lexicon.  Try it sometime, say “well that really relates to the forth law of stratospheric success” at a large family gathering.  They’ll look at you funny.  At least I am accustomed to strange looks from my family.  I’ve earned them for years.  Over the next few weeks I re-read the wisdom between the pages of The Go-Giver making sure to go slowly and follow the details within the story.  At that point I determined that I must commit myself to a change.  I knew that I believed in The Five Laws and the power they held.  I knew that I tried to practice some of them naturally, because my parents taught me to be a decent human being, but I also failed to see the relevance of them in business situations much of the time (especially laws four: The Law of Authenticity).

Without a net I went about practicing how to be a Go-Giver.

Take a look a The Five Laws in the “ABOUT” section.
Who should you be connecting that you haven’t?  Why?
What laws do you have problems with?
When do you have enough information to take action?
Where do your old ideas go? Are they like my books, sitting on a shelf?
Why are children so good at challenging us to be better people?


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