Sharing my Passion with Others – And the Sharing Multiplies

January 15, 2009

At this point in my career search I needed to continue networking with people.  Meeting new people and focusing on targeted companies and individuals.  I have a large online network through, which will explain why many of the links you see here are to that site.  I developed 2000+ direct connections there as an open networker.  I focused on building a broad network as a recruiter with the intention of using it to identify appropriate candidates and prospective new clients.  However, I did not really know very many people in my network.  I decided that the best thing to do was start with what I have and try to deepen the connections there.

I went through my contacts on and sent personal notes to all of my direct contacts within the St. Louis area specifically.  I also looked for groups that would focus my local networking and found a Wentzville Professionals group started by Greg Younger.  I dropped him a personal note as well.  He was one of the few to respond in kind so we easily struck up a conversation.  A few days later we met for breakfast and networking. Greg Younger and I have a lot in common.  We are about the same age, each have a young child and wife and live in a relatively small town (Wentzville, MO) on the western edge of the St. Louis Metro.  Greg also happens to be the premiere Financial Advisor for the Wentzville area so I was very pleased to be meeting with such a well networked individual.  As we spoke I mentioned The Go-Giver and how it had changed my career search.  I did so as a means of explaining that I was more than mildly interested when I asked him what his perfect client looked like.  We talked about it for a few minutes and I thought little more of it.

A few days later I saw Greg again at The Missouri Networking Group.
As we ate lunch Greg made sure to tell me he had read The Go-Giver and was excited about it.  Since our last conversation over breakfast I had made a few more connections associated with the book.  In the process of connecting more deeply with my connections I called Joe High , who is also a financial adviser.  Joe’s focus is the high net worth investor and Joe has proven to be one of the most prolific networkers around.  In our conversation about the Go-Giver, he mentioned an associate of his who had been asked by the authors to develop curriculum for coaches and consultants based on The Five Laws and other principals in The Go-Giver.  He mentioned that Dixie Gillaspie also happened to be based out of the St. Louis area. I had also read about Dixie a few days earlier in one of my favorite blogs, written by The Nametag Guy Scott Ginsberg.   Scott’s blog has been driving me to “Put myself out there” as he calls it.  Placing myself outside my comfort zone.  Asking questions I wouldn’t usually ask but would wonder.  Really put in terms of The Go-Giver, Scott’s information pushes me to follow The Law of Authenticity, and The Law of Compensation by meeting more people than ever before.  Anyway, take a few minutes and read his stuff.  It is also amazing.

Now, as you’ll recall, Greg and I are talking about The Go-Giver at a large networking gathering.  I mention that I had heard about someone who’s based out St. Louis and has been asked to develop the coaching and consulting piece of the material in the book.  This conversation if overheard by Kevin Pannebecker , who owns and operates Sparkling Image of Eastern Missouri.  Kevin is truly a connector in the Go-Giving sense.  Kevin suggests that he should introduce Greg and I to Dixie.

Who is waiting to hear from you?
What are you waiting for?
When do you take time everyday to feed your hunger for knowledge?
Where do you find daily inspiration?
Why don’t we see the multiplicity inherent in connecting people to one anther?

To be continued.

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Also, I invite comments.  My effort is really to share my experience, my Experiment in giving.  Without input from the world it’s hard to know if there’s an impact to the reader (YOU).

2 Responses to “Sharing my Passion with Others – And the Sharing Multiplies”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Jason, excellent work on your blog. I enjoy your writing style and it was interesting to hear more of the background on your story. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the link love! Dixie rocks!

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