Make Sure The Connection Takes – Continuing My Go-Giving Story

February 6, 2009

Do you know anything about electricity? Think for a moment about your networking being electric. That’s what we’re all after isn’t it? An electric reaction, sparks flying?

A few years ago, I installed a ceiling fan in my home office. It is nice fan complete with remote control. I have developed my amateur electrician skills since childhood but I still took the time to think through the connections, heck I even drew out a few alternatives. After deciding on the best way to proceed, I did.

All of the connections were made, from the switch, new electrical wire running through the wall and ceiling, to the fan itself. The fan was hung. That is about the biggest pain in the back, shoulders and arms, but it was done, and contrary to what all of you are thinking, I did read and follow the manufacturers directions. Light bulbs installed with care. Proudly, I called my wife into the room for the grand unveiling. Flipped the switch… Nothing, nothing happened. Nothing at all.

I double, triple and quadruple checked the wiring connections. They were sound. I installed a new switch, then a double switch so the fan would be on its own. I installed a new outlet. I rewired the entire thing…5 times, literally following all of the other connection options I originally diagramed. Nothing worked.

I talked to an electrician friend of mine, Terry Blatz, owner of Maryland Heights Heating.  (No I did NOT ask him to come fix it, where’s the fun in that.) He suggested that sometimes, on rare occasion the factory will produce bad electrical line, SO I ripped out the electrical wire and replaced it. I was stumped, completely.

Then I saw the remote control sitting on my desk with a battery next to it. I thought, I haven’t tried that. I put the battery in the remote and hit “on.” The light came on. I hit “high” and the fan spun – fast. Evidently the switch inside the fan, controlled by the remote, is factory preset to OFF and no amount of electricity will get through it until you put a battery in the remote and tell it to be ON. The manufacturer does not include directions for that little gem though.

What on earth does this have to do with Go-Giving. Well nothing I just needed to get that story off my chest. No, not really. The moral of the story is to check the connections you make. Make them in more than one form of communication. Let me explain further by continuing my story from the Meeting a Guru post. I ran home to connect Scott Becker and Dixie Gillaspie.

I typed a brief introduction to Scott, using the format I shared in the How Do You Introduce People? post. Then I thought to myself, “what if Scott doesn’t see your email. It has been long time since talked and he is a busy guy, what if it gets set aside to deal with later.” We’ve all done these things ourselves and I always feel bad for it later but sometimes life just gets in the way.

I decide to call Scott. I’ll just leave a voice mail, reminding him of how we met and that I dropped him an email about an individual he should meet. I dial the phone, it rings, a live voice answers…

The shock I feel every time that happens in this age of voicemails dissipates to a point that I can speak.

Scott and I catch up briefly and I tell him about Dixie over the phone. I get the chance to ask him about The Go-Giver and if he’s read it. Not only has he read it, but he gave about 100 copies out to clients and prospective clients as Christmas presents. WOW. He’s got to talk to Dixie now.

Then a most surprising thing happens. Scott suggests, after hearing about my career search, that he can help me by posting a profile in his weekly newsletter. I know his distribution list is huge. An entire industry gets his news letter and keeps up to day with it. This is HUGE. Following the 5th Law of Stratospheric Success I stay open to the possibility of receiving and say “Yes, thank you.”

Who is burning a hole in your mind?

What part of your agenda today can you share with another person and bring some value to their experience?

When is your next lunch meeting with a stranger?

Where do you hide when surrounded by people to meet?

Why stay hidden?


2 Responses to “Make Sure The Connection Takes – Continuing My Go-Giving Story”

  1. Greg Younger Says:

    Once again, solid post. I’ll have to share a couple of my stories, once they’ve been completed:)

  2. Diane Fawcett Says:


    This is a wonderful story, and hits me especially hard due to my current circumstance. I am SO glad you called Da-Com that day and we had the opportunity to speak. Best wishes in all your endeavors, and please feel free to connect me with anyone you think I may need to meet.

    Diane F.

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