During on of my conversations with Dixie Gillaspie she was asked which of the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success is the most difficult for people to incorporate into their lives. What an interesting question.

Obviously, the true answer lies only within us, to be shared if we choose. The irony is, the choice to share our true selves is one of The Five Laws. The Law of Authenticity states – The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.

As I look back through the encounters I have had so far on my Go-Giving journey, thinking of the wonderful people I’ve met along the way, this idea drives itself home. They have all shared of themselves in ways that most of us would never consider.

First, their time –  I mean why on earth would you take over an hour out of your busy schedule to meet a stranger, who happens to be looking for a new job? But the real proof of Authenticity comes during that meeting. The real proof of Authenticity, for me at least, has been the personal stories these people have told.

I heard a wonderful analogy for authenticity at church a few weeks ago. The priest explained that he enjoyed watching the Mississippi River from atop a certain bluff in the St. Louis area. The mighty river flows majestically through the landscape. Trees and greenery line its bank to the north and towering wall of stone rises from the depths on the south. (I think you get the “pretty picture” idea.)

Walking down to the banks of that same river, in the same area, you see a much different picture. Now you can see that the stained water is really just muddy sediment washed downstream from eroding banks. Branches and natural debris remind you of the destruction caused in recent flooding. Trash and litter ride the flow of water leaving no doubt that we, as humans, share an intimate yet tenuous relationship with Old Man River.

From high atop a bluff, the river is post card worthy. Is that the picture of yourself you show to the world? From up-close-and-personal the river is much different, as are you, as are we all, if we choose to show some authenticity. From experience, I have learned more from those who are willing to share themselves authentically. The brave souls who openly share the struggles they have encountered are inspiring and enlightening.

Obviously there are levels of authenticity that might not be appropriate for a first time networking meeting, so don’t think I’m talking crazy. At the same time, I think authenticity and receptivity are linked in a very direct way. Those areas you are courageous enough to share about yourself are also the areas you will be practicing the Law of Receptivity in.

It’s been true for me, how about you?

Who do you share yourself authentically with?

What stops you from being more authentic with the rest of us?

When will you let the walls and facades start to fall away?

Where do you have no choice but to expose a weakness?

Why don’t you practice being uncomfortable?

Jason R. Thomas

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Jason R. Thomas