The Road Map We Make

April 7, 2009

I think in metaphors and always have. I want to share one of the most longest standing ‘working’ metaphors in my mind.  By working I mean, it stands up to reason and reality, not something all metaphors do, all the time.

Think of your life as a trail, path or road.  (This is not uncommon ground I realize.) Imagine, if as we traveled our path we left our trail behind us. Sometimes we walked tall and proudly leaving a well kept or even decorated path.  Other times, we sneak through the undergrowth, cutting a trail we are not confident of.  There are days, weeks and months that we follow well laid super highways of social convention and other times we take the scenic country roads through cow pastures and flooded bottom land.  No matter what trails we cut or roads we follow we leave our mark there, forever.

Now, consider for a moment that each and every other person on earth is also on their own path and they too are leaving permanent marks along the way.  What I envision is a colossal road map stretching around the globe and documenting our travels and exploits.  Depending on our mood, maybe the lines we’ve created change color.  Their size will change.  Really the maps key is yours to draw.

I don’t think this idea is really new.  The symbolism of “life’s journey” is everywhere and it is so pervasive because of its powerful truth.  There is no doubt in my mind that life is more about the roads you follow and trails you cut than your final destination.

Next time, I’m going to share more about what really interests me within the road maps we make.  Surprisingly, it’s not the road at all, but you’ll have to stop back in to see.

Who’s map are you watching?

What roadblocks are in front of you? Behind?

When is your next intentional detour?

Where are you going? More importantly, how will you get there?

Why are you on the road you’re on right now?

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